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I am sure your painting will bring you many years of joy once complete. Like all business transactions, there are just a few boring bits of legalese you need to agree to before we get going. I have kept this page as simple and clear as possible.

Once I’ve sent you a quote I'll ask you to confirm that you have read and understand the information on this page.

You agree:

  • That the details in the quote are correct and any changes may not be possible or may incur extra cost
  • To make payment according to the schedule/milestones in your quote
  • If you cancel the commission any money paid is non-refundable and I reserve the right to invoice for all work done to date
  • To be responsible for ensuring any reference material you supply me with does not violate copyright law
  • Once you grant permission to varnish the painting the commission is considered complete
  • To allow me to use my own photos and scans of the work in any way I see fit in perpetuity (e.g. on my website, on social media)


  • You own the painting but I retain all the copyright to the painting (in the same way buying a CD does not mean you own the copyright to the music)
  • When exhibiting the painting or publishing any photos of the painting I must be credited as the artist
  • You may not create derivative works from the painting or reproduce it for commercial use

And finally…

Your pieces will be painted with professional acrylics containing ASTM I pigments and other high quality materials. This means your painting will last for a very long time if looked after correctly. Ultimately though, how you look after it is down to you and you are responsible for its safekeeping. I recommend once you receive your piece you review my article How to look after an acrylic painting.

Current version: October 2022

I love the whole portrait, but I especially love the way her hair is rendered. I can see the weight of it.

Reddit user